July 21st, 2007

back - photo by Rayce

Busy, locked away, miss the world

The new lesson plan for the intro classes is done. But I still have 4 more levels to re-do. Time is amazingly crunched and everything recreational that I had planned (dancing Thursday night, going to belly dance festival on Sunday) had or has to be put off for one reason or another and I'm finding myself working way too hard with little to no breaks for destressing.

Monday I need to get my car smog checked as well as get the paperwork ready for the new bookkeeper and possibly work on the lesson plans more all before teaching a class. I find myself in need of a doctor, but simply don't have time. But given that the toe I stubbed 6 weeks ago still hurts when it is touched, I think it may need some medical attention. Looking at my schedule, I should have free time to do that in about 8 days. Oy.