July 2nd, 2007

word wall

Soon to be single...

For the record, it always breaks my heart when I hear of a couple getting divorced. Especially one like this that has been together for over a decade.

But if some one has to be single again, I guess it might as well be another long haired, hard bodied, eye-liner wearing goth boy. I wonder if he needs a pole dancer in his magic act now. ;)

socks and cat

she can't get here soon enough

It's a good thing I have that coach coming next Monday to help me get organized. I just found out that I forgot to pay my credit card bill last month and got charged a $15 late fee. The sad thing...the balance was only $3.30. Yeah, a $15 charge for a $3.30 balance. :(

I have a bad habit of setting bills aside somewhere to pay them and then forgetting about them. I have tried everything from buying bill organizers to posting them on the refrigerator. I can't wait to see how this coach helps me with stuff like this.