June 28th, 2007

socks and cat


Last night's experience was surprising. It was the end of the 6-class session for two of my classes. I've been worried that my classes are much harder since I added all the things I learned from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America endorsed pole teacher safety workshops. All the new material takes up a lot of time and it's kind of hard to relax and tune out the world to tap into your sensual side when you're constantly trying to remember to engage your lats, your rhomboids, your stomach muscles, etc. for safety. I seriously thought it was making my class too complicated for beginner students.

I was wrong...

Every single student in the late Wednesday night class told me they have decided to continue on to my level 2 class...together...as a group. I was stunned. I haven't even opened registration for the new classes yet and level 2 is already full with this one continuing class. That means the other level 1 girls in the other classes are locked out. Oh my goodness. I may have to add a second level 2 class next session. Wow! Yay!!
socks and cat

Bad check writers beware

In my 14 months of doing business I have had only one bounced check (mostly because I no longer accept checks for class tuition, only private lessons and parties). A tiny one too, for just $33. It never cleared the bank after a second try, so I just set it aside where it has sat for months. Well it turns out one of my students works for a collections agency. They will not only collect the full amount for me but give me $5 more than what she owes me. Wow, they must tack on a lot of fees to the dead beat check writer to make a profit and give me $5 extra. I think it's kind of cool. Now if anyone else writes me a bad check I can go all collection agency on their ass!