June 19th, 2007

socks and cat

Maybe I should save those Thursdays

What is up with all the Thursday night bachelorette parties? I thought the one last week was a fluke. But not only am I doing one again this Thursday, but I just got an e-mail from some one who is possibly considering one on another Thursday.

Fortunately I scheduled my Thursday pole classes in the afternoon, not the evening. So my Thursday evenings just happen to be free for parties, even if I didn't plan it that way. But since afternoon classes are really hard to fill (most people work during the day) I was going to schedule Thursday night classes again next session instead of afternoon ones. I'm wondering if I should avoid doing that. I wonder if Thursday nights will continue to be popular.

I'm happy to book them. But I'm confused. Why would anyone plan a bachelorette party on a Thursday night?
back - photo by Rayce

Pole for the Soul anniversary party and birthday party combo

So between the time I spoke to the club about renting the location for my party and the time I showed up to look at it, the price went up from $200 to $500. I pleaded my case to the owner and explained this was not a for profit event and that I really wanted to rent the place but had not planned on spending that much. He reluctantly and kindly agreed to let me have it for $300 (in addition to the cash bar). I expect the DJ will be at least $100. And I should pay some one to watch the door and make sure only invited guests come in. So I guess it will cost me $500 by the time it is all done. I'll probably ask friends to bring potluck items instead of gifts to help keep the expenses down. That way we can have food and drinks and dancing and pole performances all night...errr...I mean for the 3 hours that I'll have it rented. If we want the party to continue after that, we can stay in the club when it opens to the public at the end of the 3 hours.

There is some concern about the ceiling working with the pole though. It took some pictures of the spot where I think the pole might work, but some extra boards will need to be nailed on for stability. Diamond Boy is a carpenter, I'll show the pics to him and ask if it can be done. If he says yes, then I just need to choose a date. Planning this big bash is practically like planning a wedding. I may have to put it off until August so there is enough time to do it all.