June 8th, 2007


No, those are NOT my eyes!

Well...I can honestly say that what happened last night has probably never happened to me before. You see when you are an A-cup kind of girl, you are accustomed to everyone looking at you or in your eyes when they talk to you. But last night the twins had a little extra help from the new candy apple red PVC Lip Service bra that I got in LA. I wore a corset style lace up PVC top over it and laced it up tight until I had cleavage up just about as high as it was possible for the poor little things to go.

So Diamond Boy didn't know what I was wearing when we went to the Mercury last night because I had a coat on by the time he picked me up. I think he got a bit of a surprise when I finally took it off. We started talking shortly after I removed it and much to my surprise I realized he was talking to me, but he was looking at my chest the entire time. I can't remember the last time a guy was so completely focused on them like I didn't have a face or something. That's when I did something I thought only other women got to do. "Hey!" I said to get his attention. Then I pointed to my eyes with two fingers and referring to my eyes I said, "They're up here." He looked startled, a bit embarrassed, but still happy.

God that was priceless. I'm sure to women with large breasts, moments like that get annoying. To me it was a once in a lifetime experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

sweetestkiss and I at the Merc last night.
socks and cat

drunk drivers

So this Paris Hilton thing is all over the news now that she was forced back to jail in tears to serve her original 45 day sentence (minus time off for each 4 days of good behavior she demonstrates while in jail).

What I don't understand is how on earth she was allowed to have her conviction reduced to reckless driving after she failed a sobriety test (after she was weaving on the road). Why are drunk drivers not forced to serve the sentences that are specifically for their crime? Do they get some kind of get-out-of-DUI free card if they can afford a good attorney? It seems to me that if you're willing to put my life at risk, the lives of my friends and loved ones and family and anyone who happens to be driving on the same road as them, why aren't they spending enough time in jail to make them think twice before you ever drink and drive again?

There are over 16,000 drunk driving deaths per year. We get all up in arms when 3,000 people die in a terrorist attack. But when drunk drivers kill 16,000 people, we give them a slap on the wrist and a temporarily suspended license. I guess those 16,000 people that die every year don't mean enough for us to enforce our own laws.