June 7th, 2007

Meushi animated

Meushi update

Another $300 trip to the vet for Meushi yesterday. She had so many problems accumulate before the trip to the vet that I honestly thought my cat was dying or something. She grew a few funny, wart like bumps on her neck, back and tail. She drooled all over Diamond Boy's lap. When I was out of town she pooped AND peed on the carpet. And when I got back into town she was limping. To make matters worse, her nasty cough (which has improved with medication) accelerated into something I can only describe as terrifying. I was awakened early in the morning to the sound of Meushi gasping fast and repeatedly like a fish out of water. She has coughed until she had trouble breathing before. But she's never gasped over and over so hard that she couldn't breathe at all. It was probably only 2 seconds, but it felt like a terrifying and helpless 20 minutes and I thought she was going to suffocate.

So here's the results of the vet trip:

*They think she drools because of some missing teeth (some were pulled during her dental surgery).

*They think she limped that one day because she may have arthritis.

*The bumps were cut off and tested and they are benign and nothing to worry about.

*She probably used the carpet as a cat box because either she was stressed that I was gone for a few days and cat sitter had taken my place or it was just to painful to get to the cat box because of her possible arthritis.

*We have increased the dosage of her medications for her breathing trouble.

My poor girl must be older than we thought. I'm just glad I have this business now so I can afford to take care of her.