May 25th, 2007

pole kitten inverted trick

stripper exchange

My lap dancing skills have dramatically improved and increased thanks to a trade that I have been doing with an exotic dancer. She comes in for 2 hours and I teach her pole tricks and she teaches me lap dancing. I used to know just a few basic chair moves. Now I can lap dance for an entire song and then some.

The best part is that she didn't just teach me a bunch of moves to memorize as I had expected. She taught me what can I can only describe as 3 basic straddle positions and one standing position. From there I can just improvise with hip and body movements I already know. So my lap dancing will never just a memorized routine but flow naturally and spontaneously -- which is the same way I teach pole dancing to be! The question is whether or not this can be taught to students who have already completed my basic lap dance and striptease workshops. I'm thinking that the spontaneity and hip movements were easy for me because I've had 3 years of practice developing those. It's possible that students still need the memorized moves to work from. I have to consider this when developing a lesson plan.

The most gratifying thing about working with the exotic dancer was that I actually got teach her some new stripping moves. Imagine that, me...teaching a stripper how to strip! I taught her a new way to remove her hot shorts while sliding down the pole and how to remove her top while hanging upside down from the pole. She and I also work incredibly well coming up with some ideas together. I taught her the old burlesque trick of playing with your clothes after you strip them off, instead of just tossing them away. First I taught her how to catch her thong in her teeth (after she removes it) and then flick it across the stage from her teeth like a sling shot. Then she came up with the idea of something else to do with the thong first. It's a little bit for me post here. But the combination of what I came up with and what she came up with definitely adds some suspense and drama and hotness to the stripping.