May 20th, 2007

Pride & Prejudice

coffin CD and DVD holder

I have a sweetie that makes and sells these cool life size coffin CD cases. He actually custom made this one for a guy who requested the scorpion on the front. But he's going to make the guy another (exactly the same) if it sells on eBay for the same price the guy contracted him for it. Clicky on the picture to see the auction.

rhinestone lips

If they smoke, they poke? MEN, is this true?

I had the most interesting conversation with some one today about smokers. She said that in AA there is a saying about new members, "If they smoke, they poke." In other words, smokers are considered an easy target for casual sex.

I thought about this and realized that with only one exception, this has been true with the men I've had relationships with. The ones that smoked would (back when they were single) sleep with anyone they wanted to just because they were attracted to them or wanted sex. The ones that did not smoke would save sex for meaningful relationships and/or some one they really cared about or had feelings for.

My friend said that the reason for this is that people who smoke don't care about their bodies or themselves. And people who don't care about themselves, don't care who they sleep with. I'm inclined to agree with this since looking at the sexual history of the boyfriends I've had over the course of my life seems to prove this. HOWEVER, I can't make that conclusion until I know it's true for women. MEN: THIS QUESTION IS FOR YOU. Have you noticed that the women smokers you dated were more likely to have a past (or present) that included casual sex and the non-smoking women were only intimate with partners they were emotionally involved with and/or in a long term relationship with?