May 16th, 2007

socks and cat


I just got a call from a non-profit organization asking for money to help the families of fallen law enforcement officers. Given that I had a good month this month, it was my pleasure to make a donation. Although I realized AFTER the call that I have no idea if they are who they say they are and giving my debit card number to them was not a good idea. I'm usually not gullible in the slightest when it comes to scams. I guess I was so excited to make a donation that I didn't think to ask for some proof. If the charge doesn't go through in the amount I made within 24 hours, I'll change my debit card number. But if the charge goes through and they send me all the stuff they promised (some membership card or something like that) then I'll trust that it's fine.

What is a good way to confirm that phone solicitations for charities are in fact legitimate charities when they call?