May 10th, 2007

socks and cat

classes and stuff

My next session of evening classes are almost full. One spot left in both classes. As usual, the afternoon class is a little harder to fill up (since most people work during the day).

I've already had one person say she wants my exact address BEFORE she registers. I had to explain to her that I only give out the address after people register due to privacy reasons. I think some folks don't understand that there are some crazy men out there who think they can just show up to my studio and follow my students to their cars for an opportunity at a free strippers or something. Unlike a strip club, I don't have a security guy walking the girls to their cars. So I only give out the address to registered students. Everyone else can see the street and cross street on my website, but not the address. If I lose her business because I can't prove to her that I'm really here, that's a risk I'm willing to take in order to protect my students.

I had one minor ask if she can get into the class with her parent's permission. Sadly, I had to decline her. Our society deems you should not have access to your sensuality and sexuality until you are 18. I have to operate under the rules of the society in which we operate.

I've had a couple orders in which their credit cards were declined. I'm so glad I pay another company to handle this so I don't have to deal with declined credit cards. They just don't get in and it's not my concern. Although I do send them a courtesy notice and let them know they were declined and they are welcome to try again.