March 31st, 2007

socks and cat

How the first strip club tour went

I'd say the strip club tour was a success. Of the 7 girls that registered and paid in advance, only 5 showed up. We met for dinner first across the street from the club where I educated them on everything they wanted to know from how the girls make their money to why men go to strip clubs. The one question I was not prepared to answer was why I was so interested in strip clubs. The answer is personal, and I wasn't prepared to enlighten people about my personal life and preferences as part of the tour. So I flubbed my way through that answer.

It's funny, because I was worried going into it. I was afraid these girls would be thinking; she's never even been a stripper, why are we paying her $40 for this? Collapse )
socks and cat

the first good feedback

I found this in my e-mail in box this morning:

"Thanks for the strip-club tour, I thought it was really fantastic!"


I noticed that Discover U offers Belltown restaurant tours and I'm wondering if they would like to offer my strip club tour. I would make half as much (or less) per person because they would take a cut. But I would probably book twice as many people because of exposure.