March 25th, 2007

Cage Kitten ABS

stripping tonight

I'm teaching another stiptease and lap dance workshop this evening in Capitol Hill. The lap dancing dummy was so popular in the last 3 workshops that I purchased a second one so girls can practice lap dancing two at a time. I'm doing the workshop without an assistant this time to handle the waiver signing as girls come in. So I'll be pulling double duty as both instructor and paper work handler. We'll see if that works out okay.

Mostly I'm just relieved that I only scheduled one workshop today. I've discovered that teaching one workshop in a day is fun. But if you teach a second one right after, it stops feeling fun and just feels purely like work. My students shouldn't be the only ones having fun, I want to enjoy this too. Granted there's still the work of preparations, lesson planning, practice, registration, setting up, etc. But it's all worth it when the class is fun and you see those girls conquering their fears to try something out of their normal comfort zone.