March 17th, 2007

socks and cat

yeah, I'm snippy today

I just saw a post by some one here in Seattle talking about pole dancing as if it were a fad. Since I'm not on her friends list, it won't accept my response. So I'll post it here.

#1.Pole dancing classes started in 1994. Call me crazy, but when something lasts as long as 13 years, there is a good chance it is past the "fad" stage.

#2. At S Factor, the most well known pole school, classes can continue for up to 7 levels. Those 7 levels take 56 weeks to complete, and women who complete them usually go back to repeat many of the classes so they can stay in the program. Generally when people are willing to commit more than 56 weeks of their lives to a workout program (and several hundred dollars to have a pole in their home) it's more than a fad.

And isn't it funny how the only people who seem to think it's a fad are those who haven't taken the classes. There's a reason for this. Women who have taken ongoing classes on a regular basis experience something so powerful that they rarely share it with anyone except those closest to them. Now matter how much I try to talk about it, it's still a secret of sorts. Because words can't do this experience justice. And some of the comments in this post I'm talking about were more unkind than just calling it a fad. Which reminds me, posting your unkind opinion on something you've never even experienced makes your opinion nothing more than a baseless attack on something you don't understand. Humans have been doing this for centuries, I'd love to see that legacy stop.