March 7th, 2007

socks and cat

why you never see me or hear from me or see comments from me

I still have not been able to read LJ in weeks. I pretty much work from the moment I get up until about an hour or two before bed. My latest projects that keep me busy 13 hours a day include looking into selling a brand a poles that just started distribution in the US, writing up a new bio for a community center that wants to offer my workshops, doing the paperwork and contracts for Discover-U, having lunch with a marketing person, having coffee with some gals that said they have some business ideas for me, shopping for new liability insurance, shopping for an attorney to write up contracts, following up with some students I promised priority registration to, finishing the schedule for April, getting the registration announcement out for April, printing up and filing all the payment records from both the workshop and the latest pole class session, organizing a club tour, keeping my home and studio clean (now that I've paid some one to clean it, I'd like to keep it that way), finding a birthday card for a party this Friday (when am I going to have time to shop before Friday??), making a lesson plan for the intermediate workshop that my previous workshop attendees have requested, teaching classes, trying to fit in some practice time so I can do more performances and competitions and many more that I can't remember at the moment.

So while trying to cram all this into my days, I end up with about an hour at the end to relax before bed. While I usually try to do some LJ in that time, lately I've been using it to work on and edit a video I've been wanting to post on YouTube. I may get a few days off though in about 3 weeks. I'm really looking forward to that.
socks and cat

Both indulgent and a penny pincher

I amaze myself with my strange priorities. In spite of blowing money on an expensive gown I may never get to wear, I will still get on the phone and try to convince my printer to wave the $5 re-processing fee for re-uploading the design for my promotional rack cards before they go to print.
socks and cat

I'm honored that they asked

DejaVu just called and asked me to be one of the judges at the statewide pole dancing championship competition. I think that would be quite a feather in my qualifications cap! But I teach class until 9:30pm that night. I really need to be in two places at once!!

EDIT: The manager is going to delay the competition start until 10:00pm so I can be there to judge! w00t!!