February 20th, 2007

socks and cat


My current mailing list (of people who asked to be notified of new classes and workshops) is at 841. My dream is that it will reach 1,000 by my birthday (and simultaneously my company's 1 year anniversary) in April. This would happen for sure if the Times runs that story before April.

Speaking of the Times, the reporter that interviewed me is the same reporter that interviewed vienna_la_rouge for the burlesque article. In the interest of not running two stories close together that both are associated with women doing provocative things of a sensual nature, they're going to hold my story and run it later (maybe March or April).
Meushi on Kitten

thanks for the seat mom

I have a VERY important list of things that need to be done before I can go to Las Vegas at the end of the month. So important that I started to write them down on a white board to put up on my wall so I won't forget. As you can see, my cat doesn't think they're very important. She promptly planted her little kitty butt right down on the list and made herself at home. She always instinctively knows how to find my important documents, paperwork and lists so she can sit on them.