February 18th, 2007

pole kitten inverted trick

new tricks

I've been working on two new tricks this weekend in anticipation of my performance this week. These are both of me, taken in my studio. They are small because the pictures are actually screen caps from my practice videos.

This one is called the Bow & Arrow:

And I think this one is called the Brass Monkey:


socks and cat

feeling better about sharing my clients

One of the hardest things for me to do as a business owner is refer my own students and clients to the new pole school here in Seattle. Yes, I give my business to the competition. Although I like to think of us as co-op-etition. The owner is my friend and working and practicing with her has made me a better dancer and a better teacher. Being disabled, there are so many things I learn and then forget. She refreshes my memory every time we practice together and without her I would have lost a good deal of my teaching skills to my memory loss. In May we plan on taking a trip to Canada together to take lessons from an international pole dance champion.

So now that I have more business than I can handle, I'm sending some her way. It's scary. I mean this is my livelihood and my life, and yet I'm sharing it. I have good reason to do it though (other than what I've already mentioned), I could make an entire post about that separately. Some of my former students have also found their own way to her. I have so many introductory classes that I'm not always able to offer intermediate classes every session. One that didn't want to wait, is taking her intermediate class instead. Another one of my former students simply makes a point of studying with anyone and everyone in town that teaches pole dancing (in addition to going out of town to learn from other teachers). So I was her first pole teacher and my friend is now her fourth.

My friend said something to me last night that made me feel SO much better about sharing my clients with her. She said that my former students have commented to her about how nurturing I am and how comfortable I made them feel. I was just glowing when I heard this. I mean even though they had such a positive experience with me, they didn't have to share this with their new pole teacher. And when you're taking women on this kind of journey to parts of themselves that they keep buried for good reasons, being nurturing and making them comfortable is exactly what they need to feel free to express themselves in this new and powerful way. So now I feel so much better about sharing, knowing that even as they continue their journey with her, they feel strongly enough about what I've done with them to openly share it with her and with others.
socks and cat


I'm performing tonight (along with many others) at an AIDS charity event. I'm so excited I can't stand it. I want to dance now!!! I attended as just an audience member to the same event last year and was surprised by the pole on stage. Had I known there was a pole, I would have been all over it! This year I know, and I'm ready. The event is about 5 hours long though, and I don't recall there being any food last year. So this year I will pack a sandwich.

I'm also a little worried about the pole since it is a stagette pole like the ones they sell at platinum stages. These poles actually wobble a little bit, which would not be a fun experience while hanging upside down from it. They are usually only 7 feet high as well, making inversions rather challenging because you run out of room to go up the pole! And finally, they have a tiny stage area around them to land on, making floor work just about impossible. And here I am about to dance on one of these for the first time in front of a big audience. Oh boy.