February 15th, 2007

socks and cat

This one wins points for romance AND creativity!

After workshop but before movie and snuggles, I needed sustenance. But it's after 10pm by then and I want it ASAP, without waiting for it be ordered or cooked. So we headed over to McDonald's so I could get a grilled chicken salad. It's the bomb, with real mixed greens, soy beans and Newman's all natural dressing. Add fries to fill me up (and keep my weight up) and I'm good to go.

Outside McDonald's I noticed a limo in the parking lot and commented that some guy took his sweetheart to McDonald's for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. I was kidding! But once we got our food and went to sit down, I realized that this was in fact the case. Right there at McDonalds was a table covered in a red table cloth. On it were fine china, one big candle and lots of tea light candles, a vase full of flowers, wine glasses and some sparkling non-alcoholic champagne. The gentleman who did all this was dressed in a suit and seated with his date who wore a lovely dress.

Is that not the cutest thing EVER? They got all dressed up, took a limo ride, and stopped at McDonald's for a romantic candle lit dinner on fine china and linen. They were so young and adorable too!
Cage Kitten ABS

drum roll please...

Next week...for the first time ever...I will fulfill my fantasy of performing on a REAL strip club stage! My students have been begging me to take them on a field trip to DejaVu so I chose amateur night next week. And myself and a bunch of my intermediate students will be taking a turn on stage for fun! One of them will even be spinning fire (if the manager lets her) since she is also a fire performer. Wow, pole work and fire in the same show!!

For any of you Seattle folks that would like to come out and support us (cheers, applause and of course one dollar bills!) just post a comment and I'll let you know which DejaVu it will be at and which night of the week. Keep in mind there is no nudity during amateur night, just a few of my girls (and me!) sharing pole skills that they have cultivated through hard work, dedication and practice.

I hope to see a few of you out there. If you ask when/where, I'll screen my response so only you can see it.
socks and cat

Valentine's tragedy

You would think that "Legends of the Fall" might be the perfect Valentine's Day movie. I mean it not only has Brad Pitt in it, but a long, blonde haired Brad Pitt in his 20's. Plus the gorgeous Julia Ormand. Put them together in this historical setting of the early 1900's and I expect plenty of romance and sexiness!

But no. It turned out to be a depressing tale of loss, grief, depression, unrequited love, and one poor man who ruins his own life and the lives of everyone around him because of the demons that haunt him. The funny thing is, as we were watching it, he liked the movie more than I did. Everytime some one died an untimely and tragic death, I wanted to turn it off. But he was fascinated by Brad Pitt's character's psychological roller coaster. So I ended up watching it all.

No more historical pieces with long blonde haired leading men for me. I fear I'll be tricked into another tragedy. Although it was cool to spot an actress in the film who is now more well known for role in the tv series "The 400."