February 13th, 2007

socks and cat

Where did the pink birds come from?

It's been such a crazy weekend that I didn't have time to clean up my studio after the last pole party. And after a pole party, it always look like there's been some kind of exotic bird slaughter in there! The floor is littered with pink, black and red feathers (from the boas).
socks and cat

latest eBay conquests

So this item that I got on eBay just arrived today. The picture is pretty crappy. Everything is kind of on the red side. But I figure I can't expect much for under $50. The instructions do not give any indication of how long the battery will last. I'm hoping for at least two movies, so I can enjoy them on the plane and in the airport:

dvd player

And apparently I won this auction on eBay about 6 days ago and didn't even realize it! I'm so used to being outbid on stuff that I never checked back to see if I won. Surprise!! I did. I'll wear it in my next pole performance so I can write it off. A girl like me can never have too many swirley sheer fairy skirts:

socks and cat

more testimonials

I finally had a chance to read the feedback forms from my pole party on Saturday (the day before the workshops). Here's my favorite:


"Your class is amazing! It was so much better than I expected! It was a great and fun confidence builder. You also have a great talent at loosening everyone up and just making it an overall great experience."