February 11th, 2007

socks and cat

It pains me to do this, believe me...

I just got a call from Q13 News! They want to cover my workshop tonight. But after reading your previous feedback, it's clear that some people would feel pretty uncomfortable (if not downright upset) by camera coverage during the workshop. At least the 3:00pm workshop got advanced notice by a few days, and I was able to accommodate the two students who didn't want to be photographed. But there's no way I can notify everyone in my 7:00pm class, with only a few hours to go, that there will be a news crew. It's springing this on them WAY too late! It will ruffle feathers and risk alienating clients.

It pains me to do this, but I have to tell Q13 News "no". If they had given me more notice, I could have arranged it. I will definitely ask them if they would like to cover next month's workshop. That way I can let people know before they register that there will be news crews. I can't imagine why they waited 11 days to call me, or why my e-mail took 11 days to get to the right person. It's a sad turn of events in that I won't get the news coverage and they won't get the story in time for Valentine's Day. But the phone call from them is a great first step to a possible relationship with them that could be mutually beneficial in the future.
socks and cat

update re: last post

Q13 News really wants to cover the workshop. I tried to tell them no and they talked me into it. They said that rather than tape the class, they will ask for one or two volunteers to be taped. If one wants to be taped, then no one gets taped. And I'll probably still be interviewed.

I checked with the reporter at the Seattle Times to make sure this isn't a conflict of interest. She tried to reach her editor to find out but couldn't reach him. So she says either the story won't run (less likely) or they'll sit on the story for a while so that people will forget they saw it on t.v. by the time they run it (more likely).