February 9th, 2007

socks and cat

students drinking before class

Tonight I had to deal with situation in a lesson that I just didn't think would ever come up in a class or a lesson. I understand there is a possibility of intoxication at my pole parties. Not because it's happened to me, but because one of the other gals in town that does pole parties (and she's been doing it the longest) has told me stories of drunken pole parties and how challenging it was to teach drunk girls. I can't stop girls from drinking before they get to my studio. So I'm very clear in the pole party confirmation e-mail that I highly recommend NOT drinking and that if they do drink, anyone who appears drunk or even just tipsy will not be allowed on the pole and will not be issued a refund when they are turned away. I'm pleased to announce that no one has showed up to one of my parties drunk or tipsy.

But today my 6:00pm private group lessons showed up just over 15 minutes late. I don't actually mind if private students show up late. My philosophy is, you're paying me for that time, so you're allowed to use it any way you want. If you want to use that time learning to dance, you'll be there. If you want to use that time to do something else and then show up late, I'm still making the same amount of money while I sit in my studio and kick it while I'm waiting for you. So I wasn't mad when I opened the studio door for these 5 girls...until one of them told me WHY they were late. Because they were having cocktails. *head*desk!!*

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socks and cat

joyful news

The universe it totally supporting my new workshops like woah. Check it out:

1. The Seattle Times DID manage to scrounge up their only female photographer for the 3:00pm workshop!

1. Even though the Times told me that it wouldn't be possible for workshop attendees to opt out of being photographed, the photographer called me this morning and said that she could probably avoid photographing anyone that does not want to be photographed. Yay!

2. I had TWO pole parties scheduled the day before the workshop. Not ideal considering that this totals 4 hours of teaching and I could end up sore the next day. But one of the pole parties had to reschedule for the following weekend. So now I can spend less time teaching on Saturday and more time preparing for Sunday's workshops!

3. I spoke with a fantastic marketing gal who showed me a wonderful way to present the news of the photographer to the my students that would get them excited and share my enthusiasm. As a result, only one student has written and requested that she not be photographed. I offered her $100 off a pole party booking if she would like to transfer her workshop tuition to another workshop in March where there will be no reporter.

4. I didn't realize the confirmation e-mail only went out to the 7:00pm workshop and not the 3:00pm workshop. On top of that, webmail was having a bad few days and did not send me any of my e-mails that came in on the 7th and 8th...except ONE (the rest showed up 2 days late)! And that one was from a gal letting me know just in time that the confirmation did not go out. So I got it out just in time.

5. The beautiful emailerin has volunteered to help with set up and registration. So everything will run smoothly when the reporter from the Times is there.

I have a feeling that there are many more wonderful and supportive surprises in store for me as I prepare for and do the workshop. It's all very blessed. :)