January 31st, 2007

socks and cat

update from Kuwait

Going to Vegas at the end of the month just reminds me that the last time I went to Vegas was with quicksilver1 (a few years ago). I still remembering gorging myself at the breakfast buffet and shopping my little heart out at the hotel gift shops. I still have a framed picture of us in a Luxor Hotel frame. It won't be the same without him. And here's what he's been doing lately in Kuwait:

His last letter says the rain has turned the desert into a soggy lagoon!
socks and cat


Pole parties are starting to book up further in advance. Back when my website only had one tiny little text blurb about parties, I only got a few last minute bookings. Now that half my main page is devoted to pole parties, I'm getting advanced reservations. I've met my quota for February and one gal just called to book in March! I am most pleased.

Plus parties are just a great affirmation of what I can do. Last weekend as one of my pole parties ended and the girls left, I could still hear them talking outside as they headed to their cars. One of them squealed, "Oh my god, that was SO much fun!" Yeah, that made happy.
socks and cat


According to my web tracker, some one from the Dallas Morning News has been looking at website. I wonder why.
socks and cat

Ready for a new electronic purchase

Given the amount of time I might be spending at the airport, I think a portable DVD player would be a worthwhile investment. I've decided to try and find a used one for $50 or under. I'm seeing ones like this on eBay for that price range:


I'm also patrolling Craig's List as well, although so far all the good bargains would require more driving than I am interested in.