January 16th, 2007

cat in the snow


I called and e-mailed all my students this morning and canceled both classes tonight. Wednesdays class is a bigger problem, most of them missed class last week due to snow. It's likely the snow won't melt tonight, thus canceling the class again tomorrow. And the weather predicts snow again next Wednesday. I've never had to cancel so many classes that I have to issue refunds. But that's looking like a possibility for Wednesday's intermediate class. Oddly I'm less worried about the loss of so much money and more concerned about the paperwork mess those partial refunds will create. Everything has to be printed and reconciled for tax purposes.

Speaking of business paperwork, it's a shame I have so much to do today. I'd love to be out enjoying the snow. Maybe tonight. I might just walk to the bank 8 blocks away so I can enjoy the weather.
socks and cat

Should I cut my hair?

I'm sick of my hair and obsessed with having it cut short. My hair just doesn't seem to want to grow long anymore. It seems to thin as it gets past my shoulders. And changing the color of the underlayers of my hair has changed the texture of it to the point where I always need some kind of product on it to take out the frizz. It's a mess all the time, it takes too long to dry and it's looking sloppy no matter how nice the cut.

This is the cut I want:

Of course her hair is straight and mine is not. But I'm thinking with that length, it might be possible to straighten my hair more often. Below the cut are different versions of this haircut. The second to the last with Alanis Morissette is most likely how my hair will look with this cut and its natural texture.

Collapse )

The one thing that stops me from running right out and getting this cut is that I'm afraid I'll regret it. Long hair adds a LOT to pole dancing. Even my grandmother noticed that and commented on it. There is a lot of tossing and head whipping that is part of the move transitions and having hair to fly around you just sort of adds this angelic halo effect as you spin and move. If I get this haircut, I'll finally be free of my pain the you-know-what hair. But I'll have nothing beautiful to toss about when I do my head whips during the pole moves. I'll feel kind of naked without it when I pole dance. I'll have to buy pony falls for all my pole performances. But I'm dying for a change and sick of my current hair.

Should I cut it?
socks and cat

bling bling

I found a store on eBay that will make me a tank top with my company logo (the pole dancer) in rhinestones. I'm all about the bling. Waiting for a quote now.