January 15th, 2007

socks and cat


I stumbled on this photo gallery (not work safe) online quite by accident and was completely blown away by it. I love how he transforms his erotic photography into fantasy photography (especially the Gorean themed ones). Check out the before and after versions he posts and you can see the transformations. I'm a big fantasy fan (swords, costumes, etc.), so this is definitely the way to get my heart racing.
socks and cat

Two and a half trips

I got quite a surprise at the airport today! January 15th is the last day to pay the taxes on and validate your guest passes aka stand by tickets on Alaska/horizon Airlines. I drove down to the airport and stood in line with other folks who also waited until the last possible minute.

I must have misunderstood the student that gifted these to me (a common occurrence with the disability). Or maybe she just gave me more tickets than she intended. But instead of 1 round trip ticket and 1 one way ticket, it turns out she gave me 2 round trip tickets and a one way ticket. So there I was with an extra trip and I had to decide quickly where I wanted to go this year. So here's what I ended up paying for:

  • One round trip ticket to Los Angeles - $69.21
  • One round trip ticket to Las Vegas - $65.55
  • A one way ticket to Los Angeles - $34.60

In 90 days I either have to use them or renew them. And once I renew them, I have the option of choosing a new location. So I could go to New York or Hawaii (if Horizon flies to Hawaii) instead of Las Vegas. Stand by tickets are not a guaranteed seat of course. But I flew standby to Europe back in '99 so I know the drill.
socks and cat

lots of girls want to learn this

Not bad. Less than 24 hours after I opened registration and the Feb. 11th workshop is almost full. Only 3 spots left. However, no one has registered yet for the Feb. 14th workshop. Either there aren't that many single girls out there or learning to lap dance is not their idea of a fun Valentine's Day.

Then again a LOT of girls use their work address when they sign up for my mailing list. And since it is a holiday today, half my mailing list hasn't even seen the workshop invitation yet. So maybe there's hope for Valentine's Day.

Question is, when the Feb 11th workshop fills up, do I tell everyone else who wants to sign up that it's full and they can do so for the Valentines Day workshop, or that it's full and I'll schedule another pre-Valentine workshop just for them? Both are an option.