January 11th, 2007

socks and cat

What word would you suggest?

I'm looking for your ideas for just the right word. What's another word for non-single? Because I'm doing the write up on my workshops and one workshop evening is for the single girls and the other workshop is for the non-single girls. They are the same workshop, but the single girls one is on Valentine's Day (so you'll have something sexy and fun to do even if you don't have a partner to take you out that day) and the one for the non-single girls is prior to Valentine's Day so they can learn the dance in time to surprise their sweethearts on that special day.

But it looks funny saying:

Single Girls Workshop: February 14th
Non-single girls Workshop: February 11th.

What's a nice word for "non-single" or a much shorter word for "girls who want to dance for their sweethearts"?
socks and cat

Darn snipers

I didn't make it home from my massage in time to check on the dress auction to watch for snipers. It was indeed sniped, some one outbid me by $1. Oh well, it's not like I don't have other sexy dresses to wear. If I start to mourn over the loss of this latest dress, I'll just put on this one I got last year and go out and dance.