January 9th, 2007

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snow day tomorrow

Making emergency snow plans for tomorrow. Rescheduled my massage, e-mailing my students that are scheduled tomorrow, etc. Damn snow. At least I'll get lots of admin work done at home. I really do need to start looking online for better liability insurance. And I just found out that I have to pay taxes to the city of Seattle by January 31st (unlike the IRS that waits until April). So now I have to figure out how much money I made last year and I have to do it quickly so I can report it to the city.
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I just scheduled my first EVER one time workshop. I made a payment on a room and everything. Normally I don't do one time deals because that tends to attract clients who just want to learn a quick sexy dance for their significant other. Instead I do classes and lessons with emphasis on fitness, grace and building confidence and self-esteem. However, I've been getting a lot of e-mails lately requesting private lessons before Valentine's Day. It's clear that there are a large number of women who want to learn a sexy dance to surprise their sweethearts on this day and I wouldn't be a smart business woman if I didn't cater to their needs and provide them with the service they want to pay for. So Pole for the Soul's first ever lap dance and striptease workshop is born!

What should I charge? For two hours they'll learn a sexy striptease, a few exotic dance moves and a couch dance that will leave their partner breathless! I will have a workshop on the Sunday prior to Valentine's day for those that want to learn it before the holiday. I will have a second workshop on the evening of Valentine's Day so that single girls will have something fun and empowering and sexy to do instead of feeling left out on a holiday that is normally no fun for single folks.

Keep in mind three things when considering what I should charge:

  • PayPal will keep around $2 to $3 for each transaction (I use it to process my credit card orders)

  • This is not available anywhere else in Seattle as a group class this affordable (only private lessons which usually cost more).

  • There is a school in Portland which teaches exotic dance in two hour workshops like this, for $49 each.

Ladies, what would you be willing to pay for this?

What should I charge for this workshop?

$50 each if you register just yourself or $45 each if you register together with a friend
$50 each if you register just yourself or $40 each if you register together with a friend
$45 each if you register just yourself or $39 each if you register together with a friend
Other - post explanation in comment