December 5th, 2006

go-go outfit kitten - letters by shaycbt

How cute is this?

I buy all my "work clothes" now at Hot Topic. Look at these adorable bad kitty sweats I got today to wear when I teach classes. At least I thought they were sweats when I bought them. Turns out they are PJ's. Oh well, it's official, I now work in my PJ's.
big eyes kitten

brain fry

I beyond exhausted! I feel like I could sleep for a year! In addition to the appointment tomorrow (which is quite a drive there and back so it eats up time) and teaching back to back classes tomorrow, I have a ridiculous to do list. I have to call the shopping cart service to see why they never changed the spelling error they put in my cart. I have to send my web designer some changes. I have go to update the registration announcement to send out Thursday. I need to call and make a hair appointment. I need to call the gal that wants to interview me for her magazine. I need to call back the CPA that said he is available to do my taxes for the business. There is a ton more, but I could not possibly fit one more thing in tomorrow on top of the driving, the appointment, the teaching classes, the to-do list, etc.

xaviercross if you see this, please forgive me for not calling you back tonight. I've been going non-stop since this morning (lunch meeting, running errands, Xmas shopping, working, teaching back to back classes), and now my brain is too friend to possibly form sentences on the phone. I need to sleep like woah.