November 30th, 2006

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strip club web cam

There is a strip club in Illinois that offers live webcam for a $20 per month subscription fee. I thought I hit the jackpot when I heard about it. I'm always looking to pick up new floor work moves, and this way I could watch the girls for hours (which is how long it can take to learn a move or two when you're learning disabled). Not to mention the fact that the $20 would be tax deductible.

Well I paid it, but I'm seriously disappointed. The camera image freezes up every 5 to 15 seconds. So you end up with streaming music from the club, and just a bunch of frozen images of the dancer. If you hit refresh every 20 seconds, you might get to see just a few seconds of dancing. What a rip off. To add to my disappointment, none of the girls do floor work. :( I didn't even know there was such a thing as a strip club where the girls don't do floor work. The stages are huge too, plenty of room for it.

The one amusing thing about the site is the dressing room cams. It's SO not sexy or glamorous to see the gals hanging out in a brightly lit, messy room talking about everyday boring stuff. And wow is it messy! Check it out:

dressing room

I'd say this experience was a waste of $20 and I will be canceling my membership when the month is up. And to think, their website actually promised "High Quality Videos." They lied. At least I don't consider freezing up every few seconds to be "high quality."