November 28th, 2006

socks and cat


It didn't snow all day, so I thought I was in the clear. But about 45 minutes prior to my first class tonight, it started snowing all over the county. I have a lot of hard core addicted students, so I expect half or nearly half will show up. I will probably have to suck it up and offer some kind of free make-up class this weekend for the rest of them. I can't expect them to pay for make-up sessions (which is my usual policy) just because it snowed. This whole snow thing has got to stop though. I can't keep offering free make-up sessions for every single snow day! Especially since snow is predicted for two more days this week!
YinYang Cats

What does this quote mean?


I found this sculpture quote thing in a thrift store. It says:

It is not the position in which you stand,
but the direction in which you look.

So I know what this quote means to me. But everyone sees things differently. So I'm curious what it would mean to other people. Please post a comment indicating what this quote means to you.

What's the point of having 4-wheel drive?

What the hell? I thought 4-wheel drive was supposed to help in these icy conditions. The sun has been out all day, melting the snow and ice. So I figured mid-afternoon was an okay time to go run to the dry cleaners and swing by the store for some protein powder. Plus I have all time 4-wheel drive, so I should be okay, right?

I got about 3 blocks and reached my first stop sign. I put on the brakes but kept going...and going...and going. There I am with my brake to the floor but NOT stopping. Granted I probably only slid a couple feet. But it was so terrifying that it felt like a mile. After I finally stopped, I promptly turned around and drove right home...extra slow.