November 22nd, 2006

pole kitten inverted trick

notes to self

Notes to self from tonight's private pole/floor work practice:

*Practice more often to VNV Nation's "Tempest"
*Practice kneeling pose to...
*Elbow Picasso arch to...
*Backward arch onto head to...
*Crossover legs into splay...
*To backward somersault
*Try stopping somersault half way through to rest on shoulder and splay legs.

Yeah, those worked well together tonight. I just need to remember that combination.
Meushi Eyes

Our thee-way love fests!

My girl is so talented that she can actually get snuggles in TWO laps at once! That's right, she's into threesomes. There I was just trying to get my snuggle on in front of the tv the other night when Meushi crawled up into our laps. That's my legs on the right in the paw print black and white pj's:

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