November 20th, 2006

back - photo by Rayce

I got it!!

I felt really guilty about going back to the boutique today to buy that new coat, right after I just ordered that cosplay gothic coat on eBay. But all the guilt went out the window as soon as I got to the store and tried it on again. I feel so elegant and happy when I put it on! It turned out the coat had already been set aside in the back somewhere because a model was scheduled to wear it in a photo shoot. The model had also indicated that she wanted to buy the coat. Hopefully she can fit in the size small, since I purchased the only X-small they had.

It's very Edwardian. And I found out from the designer's website, that it is also an "evening coat." Pics below the cut if you'd like to see my new treasure.

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Red Headed Kitten

the view from my home

The sunset was stunning last night! These images were taken from the balcony of my apartment. These were not altered or retouched in any way. These were the actual colors in the sky as taken by my camera. Doesn't the sky look like it's on fire!?

On the left of the tree in the middle is Elliot Bay. To the right of the tree is the Olympic Mountains. Enjoy!

And just a few minutes later...

socks and cat

What's this Thanksgiving thing you speak of?

For the first time ever I find this whole 4-day holiday weekend thing disturbing. I'm trying to do business! And some folks I do business with are taking the entire week off (a lot of folks use their vacation time to do that). So communicating with my insurance companies and getting some time in with one of my massage practitioners is quite a challenge this week.

I will be working on Thanksgiving, giving one private lesson and catching up on some important paperwork. I'll still be going to an orphan dinner in the evening and probably out dancing after that. But a holiday to me is no longer a holiday. Every day for me has the potential to either make money while making some one happy, or catch up on the non-paid admin aspects of my business. I just don't see holidays and weekends anymore...instead I see every day for its potential.