November 13th, 2006

Dress Back

success before fun

I am heartbroken. Every year I look forward to the Cirque du Noc formal fetish ball. So this year when a bridal party wanted to book their pole party for the same night in December as the ball, I managed to finagle them into doing it extra early at 5:30pm. That way I could finish the party by 7:30 or 8:00 and at least have some hope of attempting to make the ball (I'm usually completely fried after teaching at a party, but I sure as hell was going to try).

I just had some one book another pole party on that same evening. Worse yet, because they are med students, I even gave them a discount. So now with two back to back pole parties (4 to 5 hours of straight teaching) I'll miss the ball for sure, and not even at my full price. I know I shouldn't complain. I'll be making enough on just that one night to pay my rent for an entire month. I count my blessings, truly I do. But costume/fetish balls are where my heart are. I love to dress up. I love to express myself. I love to dance. I love to be surrounded by my friends as we all dance together. And that was the night I could have done that. Hopefully there will be some other fun dress up events in December that I can enjoy.
socks and cat

How do you like my new hair color?

I went red! Or actually "blood red" is the color on the Special Effects bottle. Touching up the green was just too much of pain because I was trying to keep it only on the bleached platinum parts of my hair without getting it on the brown parts OR on the bathroom floor and sink where it stains. It's just so much easier to dye your entire head one color, and you can do that in the tub (no mirror required because you're not painting on highlights like I was doing with the teal green) where the hair color doesn't leave a stain. So I had to pick a color that I didn't mind having on all of my hair.

The new hair color:

red hair

I ended up with "Blood Red" and I love it! It turned the brown parts of my hair a rich, deep, beautiful auburn. And it turned the bleached parts of my hair (formerly teal green) a neon burgundy red. I fear that it will fade into sort of a clown red hair color. But I love the current results so much that I might even be willing to re-do it every 2 to 3 weeks as needed (which is how long Special effects color takes to fade).
eyes closed

new stuff

Yesterday I called Frederick's and ordered the embroidered and sequined bra and the ebroidered and beaded corset. I asked them first if the corset was lace up in the back and they put me on hold and dug up a sample just to make sure. Once I found out it was lace up, I knew I wanted it! Much to my surprise, it turned out the bra was on sale, marked down from $38 to $29. And I also took advantage of a special that gave $15 off all orders of $100 or more (basically covering the price of the shipping). So I saved quite a bit. My new treasures will arrive in one to two weeks. I sure hope they fit!

When it comes to street clothes, I'm a total bargain hunter. I prefer Value Village, Ross and eBay. But when it comes to club clothes, I spare no expense. Although the corset won't really work for clubs, because you can't dance freely in corsets and cinchers. But maybe for a Christmas party or New Year's Eve party. I can't wait to wear it!!