November 8th, 2006

socks and cat


Google has acquired w00t! I was concerned about their ability to stay in business. Now I know all our videos are safe and sound, including the dozens that I added to my "favorites" list so that I can learn new pole tricks from them.
socks and cat

What is holding this pole to the floor?

How did they do this? I've been trying to figure out a way for years now to get a pole into a building that has ceilings too high for it (for performances and lessons). The only option has been those little stage-ette poles where the tiny stage is so small and so high off the ground that you don't have enough room to do floor work or hand stand dismounts safely.

Yet here in this video is a pole that clearly is not attached to the ceiling because it actually moves around when Conan swings from it. But at the same time, the base is just some kind of weighted down mat. How do I make one like this? Is there just a ton of weights in that mat? How did they make the pole strong enough for a woman to swing off without a stage base? It's still not stable enough for a man to swing from, but clearly strong enough to support a small woman. Any thoughts on how they did this?

socks and cat

What would you open in that location?

For those of you in Seattle who know where this is, the Vogue's location will be vacant as of January and the rent will be $6,500. Now I don't have the focus or the energy to open up another business right now. But if I did, I would certainly want that prime Capitol Hill location. And there must be a ton of businesses that can clear $6,500 plus a profit pretty easily in that prime location. So I enjoy thinking about it (even if I can't do it right now) as a way to fuel my imagination for future endeavors.

That being said, what kind of business would you put in that location? For those of you not in Seattle, it's currently a pretty darn large night club with very high ceilings. It could easily be converted into just about anything from a coffee shop to a retail store. It's sandwiched between clubs and across the street from Seattle's hugest and most popular thrift store chain. The location will attract clubbers and shoppers alike. What would you open up there?