November 4th, 2006

big eyes kitten


I just got back from my monthly pedicure. My toes look like little Christmas ornaments now because the nails are covered in silver glitter polish! I really enjoyed the massage chair at the nail salon, I let it massage me until I practically fell asleep. It's Meushi's turn next week. She'll be going to the groomer in Magnolia for her $10 nail trim.

While I was out and about I found yet another coat. This one is also a lovely goth style. It's so long on me that it's almost floor length. It's perfect except that it doesn't have that corset style lacing on the back like the one on eBay. But it appears to be a bit more versatile. The one on eBay seems nice for dresses and such. But this one I looked at today looks fine over faded jeans and combat boots (as well as dresses), which is what I wear most days anyway. They even had an X-small in stock. Now I have to decide!!
socks and cat

submissive tax write off

Pole dancing is often mistaken as a form of dance that is submissive to men or designed to please men. But every pole school I know of teaches pole dancing as a form of self empowerment, rather than something to do for men.

Given that I teach women to dance for their own enjoyment, I think it's important that I experience the other side of the equation as often as possible. So today I'm signed up for a workshop and lesson on how to dance in a submissive style for men. I'm looking forward to comparing the dance styles and purposes.

Remind me to get a receipt and use this workshop as a tax write off.