October 16th, 2006

socks and cat

regarding my last entry

I am pleased to announce that inversion day at my school's first ever intermediate class was a roaring success. Absolutely every girl in class was able to go inverted on the pole! Not only that, but it was just about the most fun we've ever had in any class. There was excited screaming, squealing and laughter all the way through.

I'm actually a little envious of the girls. They were talking about how much fun this is to do with other girls. When I learned my first inversion, it was at my private lessons at S Factor in LA. And private pole dancing lessons at S Factor are $150 per hour. So there I was with just me and an instructor, paying $150 to learn to go upside down on the pole. It would have been much less expensive and ten times the fun had I been able to do it in a class like the one I offer now. I'm just glad I get to offer that experience to others now and enjoy the group victory over and over in future intermediate classes!