October 5th, 2006

socks and cat

Yay pics!

At the lingerie party last weekend, we all took turns strutting our stuff down the red carpet catwalk in our lingerie. Pictures from the party are up and you can see me in my flaming velvet pj's and green hair here. I had lace boxers on underneath, which are peeking out in attempt to make their own debut. Bad boxers...bad...bad.
socks and cat

Sexy at any age...

One of my pole students just told me she is 53. Damn that rocks!

I also heard a couple things tonight during class that made me feel great. One said to the other (I don't think she knew that I could hear her), "She even looks sexy when she's cleaning the poles." Another said to me at the end, "No wonder you're in such great shape." Hearing those things made me joyful not out of vanity, but because THESE are the things I used to think about MY pole teachers! It seemed like their pole dancing translated into graceful movement no matter what they were doing, from picking up a water bottle to cleaning the poles. And I used to admire what great shape they were in. The fact that my students are saying this about me now symbolizes a kind of graduation for me. I'm glowing, because I feel like the student has become the master! w00t!!