September 20th, 2006

socks and cat

Now THAT's what I call determined

Now this girl has balls, or something. As students were arriving to my studio last night and signing their wavers and paperwork, one came in and asked if this was the place for the pole dancing class. She clearly was not some one that got the confirmation e-mail.

So here's the deal, my exact address is NOT listed on my website. There is a map to the nearest street corner so people can figure out if I'm convenient to get to. But if I put my address on my website I would have all kinds of people showing up trying to get into the full classes. Which is just what this girl did. I asked her how she found me and she just drove to the street corner on the map on my website and was hoping there would be some signs or something. Then she saw some girls coming out of their cars who were dressed to workout and she followed them.

I was very impressed! This girl wants in so bad that she's willing to drive down here without an address to try and find me. And she did! I told her I admired her determination and I would be giving her priority first choice registration for the next November session of classes (ahead of 550 other people on the mailing list). And since one girl had called in sick to the first class last night, I also let her into just the first class at a pro-rated rate. Anyone can make a phone call or an e-mail to try and get into classes. But this girl showed REAL determination.
S Factor pole dancer Sheila Kelley

reminding myself

I got the following e-mail from one of my Wednesday afternoon students:

"Class was a blast and I can't wait until next week for the next one!"

This week is the very first week of the new 6-week session. The first week is the most exciting. The girls come into class excited and they leave even more excited. I'm working myself like crazy for this. I'm finding my limits and sometimes making little mistakes along the way. I often work from the moment I wake up until 9:00pm or so at night. But those girls make it all worth it. I don't even know anymore how I make them so comfortable and and send them home so excited. I've been doing it for so long now that I've lost sight of what the magic is. But it's working...and instead of shuffling paper in some office somewhere, I'm actually making a contribution in this world. I'm watching everyday women from every walk of life start to wake up inside and find an energy and sensuality that they never knew they had. I want to say that I'm watching women be transformed before my eyes, because that's how it feels. But I know I'm not really transforming them, I'm just guiding them to uncover and express something they had buried in them all along. I suppose I'm not really teaching, I'm just showing them how to unleash and free something that society makes them keep locked up. I love it. I forget that I love it sometimes because I'm working so hard that I often feel like I just need to stop and take a vacation. But the truth is, it feeds me, and I know that I am really blessed to be doing this.