August 30th, 2006

socks and cat

Blind pole dancer?

I just got the most interesting e-mail. A gal told me that she heard about my school from Craig's list (I don't advertise my classes on Craig's list because they are booked full so far in advance, but I do advertise pole parties there) and she wants to take my class. But...she's blind. She says she's been blind for about 5 years.

I suppose it's possible that she might actually be telling the truth. I mean maybe some one read it on Craig's list for her and told her about my school. And maybe some one typed the e-mail for her (since I don't put my phone number on my website). She left me her phone number to respond.

I won't be able to teach her, for one thing the risk of injury is too great. Should I even respond? Do you think that e-mail is for real?
socks and cat

If you've ever wanted to see Kitten pole dance and strip...

My apologies for still not having had time to catch up with everyone on LJ. Please accept this as my penance, something I have never posted before: video of me...pole dancing.

I am encouraging feedback. Please let me know what you think and if I should post more in the future.

Also, these are not all of my pole tricks and this is actually the "tame" less sexy version of many of the moves. I didn't want to do anything too erotic in a video I'm posting publicly (I save that). So I had to leave out a lot of the suggestive moves and stick to a few basics. It's still lots of fun, and even funny at times (that fluffy skirt was a bitch to get out of and it wouldn't go away!). Enjoy!