August 8th, 2006

socks and cat

why being blonde is like pole dancing

So I know I said that Monday was going to be the day I used my bottle of sonic green hair dye to turn my bleached hair teal green. But guess what, the blonde grew on me. It may only been in the back of my hair, but I already feel different.

Here's what I've discovered: Being blonde is very much like pole dancing. It's not about doing something that makes you look sexy to some one else, it is in fact about how sexy it makes you feel from the inside just doing it. That bit of bleached blonde somehow makes me feel a little taller, and little saucier, a little more ethereal and fairy like and fun! Who cares how other people see it, I love how it makes me feel!

If I had the time and was not so darn lazy about roots, I would probably get blonde chunky highlights all over. The gypsy in me would adore that. I may even consider just adding some highlights to the under part of the sides to match the current underside of the back. Or not. For now I'll ride my little blonde high and maybe go green on Thursday, right before sriddle7 comes to visit on Friday.
Meushi animated

claw trimming salvation

Hallelujah! I found a place that does claw trimming for only $10. Meushi is funny, she'll let you hold her, hug her, put her up on your shoulder, hold her upside down (not that I do this, but she's so docile that she doesn't care if you do), pretty much anything. Anything but trim her claws. She'll have no part of that. And I can't stand to do anything that makes her so fussy and unhappy and miserable.

But it has to be done, so now I can pay some one else to do it! I'm going here: