July 22nd, 2006

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sweating it out

I'm concerned about the pole party that's booked this afternoon with the expected temperatures into the 90's today. This is the one I talked about before that wants to cram 12 girls into my pole studio, even though I normally set the limit at 9. I'm charging them extra for every girl over the 9 girl limit. But now I deeply regret making the decision not to purchase an air conditioner for the studio. Fortunately the sun doesn't shine into the studio, so it will be moderately cool when they arrive (not as cool as usual though with the temperature so high outside). But 12 girls dancing is going to create a lot of body heat in there.

I have some small tower fans in there already. But my only hope really is an extra large wind tunnel type fan that I got at that big sale at Consolidated Works. If that doesn't work, I guess I can just issue them a refund and send them on their way. I'd like to see that NOT happen. I'd like to keep these girls cool.
socks and cat

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And here is my latest group of pole party girls from this afternoon (pardon the red eye, I'll fix that later):

pole party

It was a surprise for the bride to be. They made her close her eyes as they led her up the stairs to my studio. Then they made her keep them shut as they prepared to take her picture. When she finally opened her eyes and saw a room with sparkling curtains, flashing lights, a disco ball and three poles, she was like, "Oh my god, what's going on!?" She said she didn't even know they had these in Seattle. She's from Vancouver where there are pole schools all over the place.

Instead of bringing 12 girls like they originally thought, they came with 8 or 9 and only 6 wanted to learn to dance (the others watched). And while the studio was a bit uncomfortable due the heat, it wasn't miserable. It just made for a lot of sweaty hands and the poles had to be cleaned frequently. I got more good feedback, including one gal who couldn't believe I've only been teaching since April (technically I started before then, but not very often and not for money).

They're talking about booking another party so they can learn some more moves. They asked if they could learn some of those upside down moves I do, at the next party. Oh my! No. I had to explain to her that those were for the advanced classes, which come after 6 weeks of beginner classes and then 6 weeks of intermediate classes. But I love their enthusiasm!
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Okay, I'm going to do it. I'm going out in this heat. I might even take the top down on my truck. If I'm not back in time for the birthday dinner I'm going to tonight...send out a search team!