July 10th, 2006

socks and cat


The charity auction for one spot in my Sunday class just closed, the winning bid at $250. I've been told my regular $175 class price is pretty low and that people are willing to pay more, even my current students tell me this. The high bid on my auction confirms this. I find myself really torn. I can charge more and I can make a lot more. People will pay it, especially since my competition is sparse and not well known. But if I raise the price, I risk pricing out the middle class. I want everyone to be able to learn what I'm teaching, not just the folks who can come up with a couple hundred dollars for a class.

How do I make my decision? Do I make the most I can make? Or do I keep my prices low so that everyone can take my classes?
Meushi animated

Zen and the art of kitty tooth brushing

Tonight I had my first ever attempt at brushing Meushi's teeth. The vet told me I have to do it a minumum of twice per week. I'm pretty sure I did a sucky job, you can tell by the kitty toothpaste all over the outside of her mouth. I hope it doesn't traumatize her or anything. It can't be fun having some one force open your mouth and rub stuff all over your teeth.