July 2nd, 2006

socks and cat

New from Jelly Belly

I ran errands all day after service and I just got home in time to have dinner before I teach class tonight. I found a couple fun things at Target today:

Sports Beans!

These are "energy jelly beans" with carbs, electrolytes and vitamins. They are also very sour, which I love.

This is a spray fan. Batteries make the fan go, and then you can squeeze the trigger for some extra misting. I'll be keeping this next to my computer for those hot days when I'm LJ'ing away.

They also had 60 SPF sunblock at Target. The best I found at Bartells Drug Store was 50 SPF, which I just purchased last week. As soon as I use it up I'll be running back to Target for some 60 SPF. Target rocks.
Katana on red

new choice in mp3 player

Thanks delascabezas for the review. Based on the consumer reviews on Amazon, the iAudio x5L looks like the best product for the money. It will cost about $100 more than the Zen. But it plays video and even has a recording device that will let me record music off the FM radio or plug my cassette player into it and turn my cassette music into mp3's.

The only downside I can see is that it lacks ID3 support, which if I understand correctly, means it won't organize your songs in alphabetical order. So if a friend gives me a couple hundred mp3's from their collection, they will just be downloaded into a jumbled soup of songs that makes it hard to find the song I want to hear.

So far the best price I've found for it is here, but I'll keep shopping around a bit first just in case I can find a better price. And since this purchase if for my dance studio, it's a tax write off.