June 28th, 2006

socks and cat


Sooo...how do you all like my new icon? Can you tell I'm on the pole or does it blend too much into the curtain?
socks and cat


I have a designer's eye and often see potential in bits and pieces of clothing that I can make into something. sriddle7 asked me what I want for my birthday (you know, the one that seems to be dragging on for months now) and I told him this:

You see I *love* criss crossy strappy things, they make me feel pretty and happy when I wear them. And of course I'm happy to wear anything that draws attention to my abs (because I worked so hard to get them). So for clubwear, I'm going to let those little panties peak out over the top of a sheer black skirt. So perhaps the next time you see me at the club, I'll be wearing this:

socks and cat

Sold out

BA-BAM! And in less than one hour of sending out the registration announcement, the Tuesday evening class is now full. Both Sunday classes won't be open long as people are e-mailing me and asking to sign up with 2 or 3 of their friends.

On one hand this is good news. But I feel bad for the folks who will lose out on a chance to take the class just because they don't check their e-mail as often as the folks who got the announcement right away and responded right away. I wish there was a more fair way to distribute the spots in class.
socks and cat

Finally, I made my selection

I've made my decision and I'm going to buy this MP3 player for my dance studio. If you read the reviews on that link, you'll see that several are bad. But more are glowing. I'm going to take my chances. There just isn't a better price on 20gb anywhere.

As long as I'm getting the free shipping from Amazon (and yes, I know the Amazon free shipping slows your order WAY down), what else should I get from Amazon?