June 23rd, 2006

big eyes kitten

my new favorite video

I absolutely LOVE this Rihanna video, for several reasons. But the first and foremost being the sexual tension in the piano scene. It's about 2/3 through the video where she is singing next to a piano player on the piano that we realize after a few moments is actually her forbidden lover. She can never quite bring herself to touch him, which is not surprising considering that she is singing about how she just can't bring herself to do it anymore. But she is either caressing or laying on his piano instead, as if it is a substitute for the man she can't bring herself to be with anymore even though she wants to. When she finally gives in and puts herself in a submissive position in front of him, he refuses to stop playing. She sings with her face close enough to kiss him, but he refuses and keeps playing. When she finally lays back against his keyboard, by the time he gets up to take her in his arms, we're all aflutter from it!

Watch the video here: http://www.muvids.com/rihanna_videos/unfaithful.html

Other reasons I live the video:

  • Usually when a singer is this drop dead gorgeous but has a limited vocal range as she does, all their videos are of them tarted up in skimpy outfits writhing around like they're in heat (and she has done a video like this in the past). But this particular video actually classes it up, puts some clothes on her, and relies on the creativity of the director and cinematographer to keep the audience's attention.

  • The editing and directing are beautiful. There's a story line with building tension.

  • While her vocal range is (again) not all that good, her expressiveness is fabulous. Any emotion she doesn't get across in her voice is made up for in the expression on her face and her body language. You can actually see how much pain she is in because she's killing some one she loves.

  • Her not so secret, secret lover, is H-O-T! He reminds me of a more masculine version of N. I could watch that video for hours just to look at him.