June 4th, 2006

pole kitten inverted trick

studio smells like pot

Just a couple hours away from my very first class of the June/July 6-week session. I'm ready for a fresh set of pole virgins! As I sit in my studio and review my lesson plan, I'm reminded of a rather funny blunder I made just prior to the first class last session.

It was about an hour before the first class was set to start and I suddenly remembered that after all the work put into the new studio, I had forgotten to bless it. I found a brand new bundle of sage and lit it and began the prayers and blessings around the studio. I was even sure to go around each dancing pole with the sage as I did the clearing and blessings. Then I left the room and realized, much to my horror, that the sage smelled like marijuana! I even checked with some one before class and she confirmed that it did indeed smell like some one had smoked pot in there.

Horror! I had put hours and hours and hundreds of dollars into putting together a professional pole studio. And what did I get? A studio that smelled like pot! With only 30 minutes to spare I promptly brought in some incense and burned as much as I could. Fortunately it masked the sage/pot smell and it was good to go before class. That was close!