June 2nd, 2006

pole kitten inverted trick

So much to do!

Not much to say, I have been working my little tail off for Pole For The Soul. Just yesterday I:

~ Put together a list of students that the "Love Zone" requested in order to give my students a 20% discount on shoes.

~ Made a "Dancing Shoes 101" hand out so students would know what kind of shoes to buy and what kind of shoes to avoid.

~ Made changes to the "week 1" lesson plan.

~ Sent my web designer extraordinaire a list of changes for the website (okay, I did that one this morning and not yesterday).

~ Shopped for pole party goody bag items.

~ Designed a formal newsletter style set of instructions to e-mail those that book my pole parties so they will know what to wear and what to expect.

~ Made an appointment with interior decorator diva shivacat so we can discuss plans to give my studio a more professional and comfortable feeling.

~ Met with jonwa to help salvage my iPod so that I can use it to provide a better range of music in my classes.

This weekend's "to do" list for the business is just as long. And that's in addition to attending a party Saturday night and teaching a class Sunday night. Some one please remind me to breathe!!