May 18th, 2006

socks and cat

working on that advanced trick

Last night mecracker came over to spot me and help me learn this trick. Let me tell you, the whole process was a bitch! I was so frustrated that I couldn't get the trick down in one night. Which is ironic, since I discourage my own students from thinking they can do something after only one class.

When I would hang upside down by my legs, grab the pole above my head and let my body ease away from the pole, and let go with my was terrifying. I saw nothing between me and going face first into the floor. So even with mecracker holding me up so I don't crash, I found myself screaming. Yeah, I'm a wuss like that when it comes to the possibility of crashing into the floor with my head.

I was ready to give up for the night but he made me keep trying, thank goodness! My hands are now calloused from the efforts. This trick is really hard. I mean it defies gravity, or at least requires a very precarious balance to do so (like walking a tight rope with your arms). While I wasn't able to complete the new trick in one night, I did get the arm grip down pretty well to the point where I naturally go into it correctly. I'm looking forward to trying the trick again the next time he can come over and spot me.