May 17th, 2006

socks and cat


Apparently my learning disability includes the inability to count to 6. I have once again scheduled one of my classes for only 5 weeks while saying it is 6. And the mistake is on my website for all the world to see. I tried really hard to avoid repeating this mistake by taking a calendar and writing out numbers on each week: 1...2...3... But my level of concentration and focus is so low that skipping the 4th of July holiday completely wrecked my count and made me unable to distinguish a 5 week period from a 6 week period.

Here's hoping my web designer can make time to correct it within the next 2 or 3 days. In the mean time, I just look stupid. Which I should be used to by now, since that's how the disability makes me look to the rest of the world.
socks and cat

This meme created by cambler

I read cambler because...

  • The exceptionally hot pictures he takes and posts in his LJ (he's a photographer)
  • His opinions on fairness and justness and his willingness to not just talk or complain about it, but actually do something about it.
  • I met him in the "scene"
  • He's a nice guy and sweet too. :)
  • His wife is hot.
  • He supports Pole For The Soul
  • He knows a lot of the folks that I know
  • I'm hoping he can get me a date with Francesca
socks and cat


The size 7 arrived and they fit. And when I put them on, I'm 5'9"! Behold the new shoes!:

The little rubber pirate duckies I put inside them are little table decorations from deliciouspear's pirate themed wedding reception.

I still have the size 8 pair, new in the box, if anyone would like to buy them.