May 12th, 2006

Meushi on Kitten

Meushi and the pole

I don't think it's possible for me to love this little girl more than I already do. She brings me so much joy! She follows me to pole practice and she's learned just the right distance to lay from the pole. She's just far enough that she doesn't get bumped into when I spin. But just close enough that when I end my spins on the floor and start to go into floor work, she's just within reach and I can't risist petting and cuddling her.

So my pole work outs end up looking something like this: climb, pole trick, spin, floor work, pet Meushi, get up, pole spin, down to the floor, scratch Meushi between the ears, get up, spin, climb, down to the floor again, rub Meushi's belly, pole spin, down to the floor, cuddle Meushi. She really is part of most of my pole practices now. If you click on the picture or cut you'll see this picture was taken at the pole, while in my workout clothes, right in the middle of my workout.

click for the full picture
click for the full picture

She somehow manages to be part of a lot of my favorite activities in life. It's no wonder we're so close!

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