May 10th, 2006

socks and cat

my new pole goal

This is my new goal. Some of you saw the link I posted last week to video of Pantera upside down on the pole, holding on, and walking a circle around the pole on the ceiling! I won't rest until I can do that. The first step is to learn the upside down hand hold (with no legs holding on) pictured below the cut. Just my luck, none of the other pole dancers/instructors I know, knows how to do this. Even my coach, who can do pretty much everything, doesn't do this one trick.

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socks and cat

update on PI story

I just had lunch with the reporter from the Seattle PI. She's fabulous! I thought she was writing the story on Seattle's first pole dancing school. But she's not. She likes to write stories on people who live their dreams, and I guess I fall into that category. So the focus will be on me and how I did this, and not so much on the fact that there is a pole dancing school here in Seattle. She thinks the photos taken in class might push this story to the very front page of the Life & Style section.

She said the story could run next week or soon after. I told her to take her time and wait until the end of the month. That will give me time to make some changes to my website. I want to add a "testimonials" page and possibly a links section. And currently the photos page only has pictures of me doing pole tricks. I'm going to change that to include pictures of students as well.

I'm excited about this, but also a little nervous. Over 119,000 people subscribe to the Seattle PI and read it every day. How is it going to look when thousands of people read it? And what impact will it have on my small business? Will the story go unnoticed? Or will my website suddenly be flooded with thousands of new visitors?