May 7th, 2006

Katana on red

doing the new dress dance

I found a hot new dress at Buffalo Exchange last weekend. Below is the close up of the fabric. The tiger stripes are a velvety soft raised material. The rest of the dress between the stripes is sheer black. There's a pic of me actually in the dress, below the cut.

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socks and cat

Pole For The Soul in the Seattle PI

Tonight a reporter from the Seattle PI came over with a photographer to observe class. I would say it went well considering our conversation after class. Both the reporter and the photographer commented on what a good teacher they thought I was, including how patient I am with all of my students. Finishing her story will be a two part process. The reporter is going to call and interview some of my students. Then she's having lunch with me later in the week to interview me.

I made a special Pole For The Soul shirt just for the occasion, since my picture was being taken. You can click on the picture below or the cut to see it bigger:

modeling the new Pole For The Soul wear!
Modeling the new Pole For The Soul wear!

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